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Flyover-Nowhere Atlas Silo by Washu-kun Flyover-Nowhere Atlas Silo by Washu-kun
I was stuck on a business trip for two weeks of training courses with PowerPoint and no computers in class.  Thus, pen maps happened, Elizanor.

Art for my weird fantasy game project, Flyover: Weird Adventures in the Middle of Nowhere*.
During the Cold War, an SM-65 nuclear missile silo was built outside of the town of Nowhere in the midst of farmland.  When the early ICBMs were discontinued in 1965, Nowhere's silo was curiously overlooked through a combination of bunglements, not once, but at least four times.  Over the years, the four-story tall liquid oxygen tank system ruptured and collapsed, the kerosene fuels ate through the rocket casing, fuses popped, teletype terminals acquired near-sentient dust bunnies in their internal workings, and parts of the control center flooded, leading to mold, electrical arcing, and a funny smell.

Is it entirely possible that the Government forgot to reclaim its W49 thermonuclear warhead, one built before the installation of safety controls such as the Permissive Action Link?  Is it possible that a slightly-very-warped fey has brainwashed a NEST team into fixing the atomic bomb into working order?  Is it possible that your meddling player character "Townies" will die horribly and/or lethally irradiate the countryside by accidentally causing a nuclear fizzle because they don't actually know how to disarm a half-century-old doomsday weapon?
Well, I wouldn't say it wasn't. Whistle 
Scale is standard  5ft/2m per square.  Drawn with a Pilot G-2 with no sketch or outline, just straight final product; compass rose stamp, DECLASSIFIED stamp, typewriter text, and faded photocopied grunge added via computer.  Also, the maps are based on the REAL blueprints for the Atlas-F silo complexes, which thankfully have actually been decommissioned and either left to languish or turned into underground homes.

*The High Concept: d20-based beer and pretzels tongue-in-cheek horror comedy in Nowhere, Nebraska. The only legal character class: Expert. Against the supernatural, paranormal, outrageous, and otherwise bizarre.  Designed as a palette-cleanser/one-shot friendly setting/game in which it's entirely possible for your character to die horribly/be disfigured by a gypsy curse/be polymorphed into an Art Deco lamp/be eaten by fiendish hippos before the end of the session.
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GothGuru Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2016
So the stargate is in the subcellar?
That's how I express my approval.
DarthAsparagus Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice one. It looks like a sketch done by a spy. One question though? Two weeks of training with powerpoint but no computer?
Washu-kun Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2015  Student General Artist
As in, the presenter had a computer built into the podium to show PowerPoint slides on a projector, but no laptops/cell phones/tablets/etc. allowed for those attending except during breaks.  Oddly though, books, newspapers, etc. were tolerated without issue.  Hence having the grid paper when discussion veered into tangents that did in no way apply to me or my work.
JayelDraco Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2015  Professional General Artist
I love it! Totally legit looking. Very fun to examine
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June 12, 2015
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