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RFBicorn Tricked Out by Washu-kun RFBicorn Tricked Out by Washu-kun
After further customization, tweaking, and cursing, my completed semi-automatic hunting rifle, a Kel-Tec RFB (Rifle, Forward-ejecting Bullpup).  Given that I shoot longarms left-handed, standard rifles would either require awkwardly working a bolt with the wrong hand or having quite a few designs of rifle eject spent shells directly into my face; the few dedicated left-handed rifles are few and far between and tend to be both fancy and very expensive.

Hence this gonne, which is ambidextrous and ejects things forward, just to be weird.  I call it the "RFBicorn", because the Kel-Tec company in Florida is known for making novel designs with demand always outweighing the supply, and on finally tracking one down and having it shipped to a licensed dealer, he described it as being as rare a sight as a "unicorn". :P

Based on lessons learned from the last time I took it hunting, I added the plastic cheek rest so that my face wouldn't attempt to freeze itself onto the otherwise metal stock plate, and added the forward rail and grip to the front grip to allow slightly better grip in the midst of my lupus-induced hand jitters.  Actually adding the rail was a headache:

The two halves of the handguard had to separated to install the rail, which could then only be tightened from the inside, i.e. with the handguard detached. The rail is basically a press fit between the two halves of the handguard shell, and is only secure when the handguard halves are pressed together.
In order to get the handguard back on the rifle the two halves can't be pressed together.
Cue lining up eight different pins/knobs/holes/places and getting them almost-but-not-quite pressed together before mounting.
Not enough give and the handguard can't pop over and onto the receiver. Too much give and the rail section would partially fall through just enough to wedge the front of the handguard open.
Cue much sweating and wordless cursing.
Instructions should have said, "pop open the front handguard", not "field strip the entire important parts of the rifle then pop open the front handguard".
Not at all technically hard, as it summed up to "make sure this part rests in the middle when the two outer pieces come together", but easily the most finicky mechanical build I've done in the last decade. @_@


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January 17, 2016
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